• Cat vests are designed for the Sphynx or hairless cat. They provide warmth for your cat while the short length make them easy for the cat to wear. This slip on design means there are no closures to get in the cat’s way. The vests come in two versions. One is made of fleece fabric and the other one is knitted.
  • Fleece Version


Leopard Print Fleece Vest

  • Knitted version


Brindle Blue Knitted Sweater Vest

SphinxVest SphinxVest3SphinxVest2

  • Both of these vests are made to go well with the Sphynx breed of cats, but will make anyone’s favorite feline a real “cool cat”. These vests are just simply purrrrfect!
  • Each item is custom made to the measurements you send to us.  Please allow time for us to create your order.

Knitted Vest Colors ( Available in Brindle Style)

  • navy Navy
  • red Red
  • lightblue Light Blue
  • white White
  • darkgreen Dark Green
  • pink2 Pink
  • Purple-2 Purple
  • black Black
  • sagegreen Sage Green
  • yellow2 Yellow
  • lightbrown Dark Brown
  • darkgrey Dark Grey
  • mdiumbrown Light Brown
  • KellyGreen Kelly Green