• All sweaters are hand knitted on a knitting machine using machine wash, tumble dry, acrylic yarn.
  • These lightweight sweaters are designed for a greyhound, whippet, IG or other sight hounds. Designed for deep chested dogs, these sweaters are extra long, narrow at the neck and abdomen and wide in the chest..
  • Each item is made to the measurements you send to us.  Please allow time for us to create your order.

(New Design: Includes more room in the neck and the chest)



  • Here’s a color choice idea.  Kiki is wearing a sweater with the colors of her favorite sports team, the Cleveland Browns.  You can have your next sweater be in the colors of your favorite sports team too.
  • Stripes on your sweater!

Stripes available.  Choose up to four colors. Due to the extra labor involved in making  a stripped color pattern, an extra $5 will be added to the listed price in the price list.


Kiki wearing a red sweater with navy blue and white stripes, very patriotic.

  • Brindle Color Style

When you can’t decide on just one color, try two colors. Combine any two colors for a random pattern that looks like the brindle pattern on a dog.


Kiki in a red/navy blue brindle sweater.

Combine any two colors for your pet’s new sweater/vest







Renegade is on the left(male) and Rocki (female) is on the right.